Why should I switch to the cloud?

  • Flexible and cost-efficient

    No high investments, long lead-time or overcapacity. Only pay for the resources you need. Let your compute-power grow with the needs of your business and easily adjust the capacity when you need it. Fuga Cloud helps you to rapidly build, renew and grow your infrastructure.

  • Secure and reliable

    Cloud technology allows you to keep your applications and data online 24/7, in a secure and reliable manner. It allows you to build a redundant platform within minutes. With the cloud, you can reduce the chance of data loss to 0%. We’re using state-of-the-art datacenters facilities build on top of one of the world’s largest internet hubs. Our datacenters are heavily secured against possible threats offering the best safety and connectivity.

  • Future-proof

    Using our powerful API you are ready to automatically scale up and -down your platform and apply an Agile strategy. Fuga Cloud uses open standards (OpenStack) to prevent vendor lock-in and ensures you can easily divert to other locations or clouds without any problems. We already thought about how your platform can be future-proof.

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Why Fuga Cloud?

  • 20 20 + +

    20 years experience

    Fuga Cloud is part of the Cyso Group with more than 20 years of experience in the hosting industry. We monitor the latest developments in the industry and know which solutions help to make our customers more successful.

  • Easy to contact

    At Fuga Cloud you are in control of the design of your platform. But we love to help or advise on how you can get the best out of your platform. You can contact us directly using chat, e-mail or telephone. You are always welcome at our office in the Netherlands.

  • We listen to you

    Fuga Cloud stands for continuous development. Every day we work with an Agile method on the improvement of Fuga Cloud and your voice is important in this process. New features are developed and delivered quickly by our development team in sprints (cycles) of 2 weeks.

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