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  • Open standards, no vendor lock-in
  • OpenStack at its core
  • Redundant & secure storage solutions
  • Cloud computing for any budget and goal
  • OpenStack
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  • GDPR ready

Looking for a great OpenStack hosting provider?

We will give you 3 reasons why you should choose Fuga Cloud.

#1 Open standards, no vendor lock-in

We believe that only open source projects with broad support can create the internet standards of the future. Open standards can create easy to integrate global- and provider independent hosting solutions.

We use OpenStack as the core for our public cloud. Because we use open standards for all our services, such as our powerful APIs, your platform will be compatible with any OpenStack hosting provider around the world. You can expand your OpenStack platform globally or switch from OpenStack provider with ease, at any time.

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#2 Vanilla OpenStack with the Best User Experience

We stay as close to the vanilla releases as possible and are running the latest stable OpenStack release. Of course, every release is extensively tested on performance and security. This means there are as few alterations to our OpenStack services as possible to create the most stable and secure public OpenStack cloud.

We want to give you the best user experience. To accomplish that, your feedback is important to us. That's why we are easy to contact by email, chat, or phone.

#3 SLA with 99.99% uptime guarantee

Fuga Cloud uses solely enterprise grade hardware to give you the best performance and OpenStack hosting experience you can get.

Because we are so confident about the stability of your OpenStack servers, we offer an SLA with 99.99% uptime guarantee by default.

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Why OpenStack?

  • Open source & open standards
  • 200,000+ active developers
  • Global community
  • New release every 6 months
  • API driven infrastructure
  • 50% of the Fortune 500 runs on OpenStack
  • Members in over 175 countries
  • Backed by the biggest tech companies

Ready for your OpenStack Cloud strategy?


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