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Not feeling comfortable with the actual Google Cloud pricing? Still wondering how much disk space is included with an instance at Google Cloud? It’s time for a second opinion. Meet Fuga Cloud, a more affordable solution for storing your data, websites or applications with a 100% clear pricing model.

For a clear overview, we have created an example in which we assume a simple use case. In it, we compare the price of Google Cloud with Fuga Cloud, the European answer to the American Cloud. Fuga Cloud is a new public cloud based on OpenStack and, therefore, fully open source.


Software developer We Make IT Work is looking for a cloud solution to host the applications they develop for their clients. A server with 2 cores, 4096 MB RAM and 50 GB SSD disk space will do for a start. In the overview below, two instances of Google Cloud are compared to the c2.medium of Fuga Cloud.

  • Google Cloud n1-standard-1

    • Open source No
    • CPU 1 core
    • RAM memory 3750 MB
    • Diskspace None
      configured separately
    • Monthly costs € 19.88
    • IOPS activities for free
  • Google Cloud n1-highcpu-2

    • Open source No
    • CPU 2 cores
    • RAM memory 1300 MB
    • Diskspace None
      configured separately
    • Monthly costs € 29.68
    • IOPS activities for free
  • Fuga Cloud c2.medium

    • Open source Yes OpenStack
    • CPU 2 cores
    • RAM memory 3758 MB
    • Diskspace 50 GB SSD
    • Monthly costs € 24.38
    • IOPS activities for free
Monthly costs are based on a period of 4 weeks / 720 hours. Latest update of this calculation is April 25, 2018. For this calculation, the Google Cloud pricing calculator and the Fuga pricing have been used. More information about IOPS at Google Cloud can be found here.

By default, each Google Cloud Compute Engine instance (like the n1-standard-1 and n1-highcpu-2) has a small root persistent disk that contains the operating system. Extra persistent disks and local SSDs can be added manually. The exact size of this small root persistent disk is not specified at their storage page. At Fuga Cloud, the c2.medium instance contains 50 GB SSD diskspace.

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3 reasons for choosing Fuga Cloud

1. Hosted in The Netherlands

Unlike Google Cloud, Fuga Cloud is 100% Dutch. We use Dutch data centers and your data is protected by Dutch and European privacy laws. Fuga Cloud customers aren't affected by the Safe Harbor agreement or the new EU-US Privacy Shield, which hasn't been ratified yet. With Fuga Cloud you comply with Dutch and European legislation and privacy policies on the protection of your own and your customers' data.

2. No vendor lock-in

Google Cloud is a self-built platform. Fuga Cloud is based on OpenStack, which is open source software. This allows you to easily migrate your data and applications to other OpenStack cloud providers, should you want to do so. Choosing an open source solution prevents you from getting locked-in by the cloud platform you use, which is the case with Google Cloud. By using Fuga Cloud, you choose flexibility and freedom.

3. Ephemeral storage included

Unlike Google Cloud, it's very clear how much SSD ephemeral storage is included with your instance. The size and amount of ephemeral storage is determined by the flavor of the instance and the image used. At Google Cloud the actual size of the small root persistent disk (automatically connected to your instance) isn't clear.