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Looking for the Best European Cloud provider?

We will give you 3 reasons why you should choose Fuga Cloud.

#1 Your data safely stored in Europe

In this data-driven era, you want to have full control over your business data and where your data is stored. Loss of data leads to frustration, extra work and can even have severe financial consequences for your company. That's why we made all our cloud storage solutions fully redundant (N+2).

We guarantee that when you choose us as your European cloud provider, your data will stay in Europe.

Your data redundant and securely stored? Get started now.

#2 ISO certified & GDPR ready

European laws and regulations regarding IT security and (personal) data are getting more and more complex. This affects not only your organization but also the organizations you’re doing business with.

We, as a European cloud provider, are bound by these regulations and are adjusting our services accordingly. That’s a big advantage for you. Whenever laws and regulations change for you, we’ll change with you.

Quality and security are our main priorities, and we love to prove it. That’s why we are regularly audited on IT service management (ITSM) and our information security, resulting in several certifications.

#3 Excellent support, easy to contact

Isn’t it frustrating that the organizations you’re doing business with are not always easy to contact? Isn’t it frustrating that the answer you're looking for depends on a forum post or a badly written FAQ? We understand your frustration.

We think, good communication with the organizations you do business with, makes everything much easier. That is why we are available by phone and email. And did you know we’re the only European cloud provider where you can ask your (technical) questions by chat?

Try our excellent support yourself. Start a chat, call us or send us an email.

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