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  • Your Kubernetes Cluster online within 5 minutes
  • Easy Minor en Major updates
  • Autoscaling Kubernetes Nodes
  • Extensive dashboard including Hibernation schedule
  • Only pay for your worker nodes and resources

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Fuga Enterprise Managed Kubernetes (EMK) is in the final phase of its development. And maybe this is something you genuinely need. We understand if you don't check whether it is available every day. That is why we have created the launch signal. Give us your e-mail address, and you will receive a message as soon as Fuga EMK is available. And no, we will not immediately add you to a mailing list to receive other e-mails from us (although you will/might miss something).

The Dutch requirements for secure data storage are very severe. Fuga Cloud is ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and NEN7510 certified, which means we guarantee our quality and procedures. We are a 100% Dutch organization hosting in the Netherlands in the best data centers. We are, and you as a customer, therefore subject to Dutch and European legislation and regulations. Fuga is happy to help you set up your infrastructure AVG/GDPR-compliant.


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  • Easily accessible  
  • ISO and NEN certified  
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  • 99.99% uptime SLA  
  • No vendor lockin  


Why choose Fuga Enterprise Managed Kubernetes (EMK)

Your Kubernetes Cluster online within 5 minutes

Once you have created your account (you can skip this step if you already have a Fugue account), plainly click everything you need together and roll out your Kubernetes cluster so you can get started quickly. In addition, we are also working on a few templates so you can get started even faster. All to make you happy!

Automatic minor updates from Kubernetes

By turning on the auto-update your Kubernetes cluster is automatically provided with the latest minor version. So you don't have to worry about that anymore. And no, of course, we don't do that at the busiest time of the day. You can set a time yourself when you want the cluster update to perform, such as 02:00 and even the days such as only Friday and Saturday.

We are preparing the major updates

We will prepare the major version updates for you, and as soon as it suits you, you can perform them yourself by pressing a button. We have conducted a test internally with upgrading from a major Kubernetes version. The cluster with Kubernetes version 1.21.9 and 5 large workers went to version 1.22.6 within 15 minutes. And with that, we look confidently to future updates.

Autoscaling Kubernetes nodes

Also called horizontal scaling, an extra pod or node will automatically be created when it's busy. So the workload can be better distributed and can meet demand. If the load decreases and the number of pods exceeds the configured minimum, the command will automatically follow to scale back. Vertical scaling increases resources for the pods, so think of memory or CPUs. It is, of course, also easy to adjust via the dashboard.

Extensive dashboard

In addition to the handy functionalities all available in the dashboard, we also have more than 100 charts ready for you. It allows you to check the status and the consumption/performance of your cluster from minute to minute.

Whereas we manage the masters, various statistics are not automatically available to you as a user. Because we believe in transparency, we have also made these charts available to you.

Hibernation schedule

By using the hibernation function of a cluster, you can save money. By putting a cluster to sleep, that cluster will no longer use resources, and you can then use them for your other clusters. All persistent volumes associated with the cluster, are preserved. It allows you to make the cluster active again, with existing data intact. Very useful for development teams that this is now easy to set up.

Only pay for your worker nodes and resources

Of course, we manage the Master Nodes, but (for now) we also take care of the costs, so you only pay for your worker nodes and the resources used.

The Enterprise Managed Kubernetes (EMK) is therefore completely FREE.

Fuga Extras

  • Load Balancer

    With the Fuga Cloud Load Balancing, you determine the modus, incoming traffic distributed over your instances. Redundant instances and environments have never been easier to deploy.

    € 9,95 p.m.
    per LB
    >> More about Load Balancers

  • Additional storage

    If you need more/less redundant storage, you can scale up or down your Volume / Block Storage without effort. You can also add an extra "disk" to increase your storage.

    € 0,10 p.m.
    per GB storage
    >> More about Volume storage

  • Compute / Flavors

    Our powerful instances (servers), Entry - Balanced - Memory Optimized - CPU Optimized range from 600 MB to 21.6 GB memory, 1 to 24 cores and 10 to 300 GB SSD.

    € 3,30 p.m.
    per server
    >> More about Compute

  • avg-ready


  • iso20000


  • iso27001


  • nen7510


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